About Us Cell Processing Center "FiT"

FiT:Facility for iPS Cell Therapy


A increasing number of studies at iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University are ongoing to bring iPS cells to clinical application. As part of this effort, the FiT:Facility for iPS Cell Therapy was founded in May, 2015. FiT is responsible for manufacturing clinical-grade iPS cells that will be distributed to institutes and organizations pursing regenerative medicine. There are recognized as the Cell Processing Center based on the Japan Act on Securement of Safety of Regenerative Medicine (Facility number:FA5170003 ).

Cell therapies for patient care must meet high demands for safety and quality. In response, FiT facilities include state-of-the-art equipment in a very clean environment under proper management according to GMP and GCTP, and iPS cells for regenerative medicine are manufactured by trained staff.

FiT has been transferred from CiRA to the foundation as a public interest incorporated foundation.

  • Central monitoring room Central monitoring room
  • Cell preservation tank Cell preservation tank
  • Next-generation DNA sequencer Next-generation DNA sequencer
  • Cell therapy isolator Cell therapy isolator
  • Medium replacement Medium replacement
  • Analysis room Analysis room