Research Materials Provision of iPS cells made from COVID-19 convalescent patients

Provision of iPS cells made from COVID-19
convalescent patients


We are providing iPS cells made from COVID-19 convalescent patients free of charge to companies and institutions conducting COVID-19 research.

These iPS cells have been prepared to help develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for COVID-19.

This project was made possible by donations to the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University.

For more information, please see the press release.

About the cell lines

Currently, we provide 15 iPS cell clones made from 6 patients. Please check the table below for details.

Cell lines

No. iPS cell clone name Source
1 COVID-19-iPSC-INCKBN-002#1 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Donor ID:INCKBN-002
2 COVID-19-iPSC-INCKBN-002#2
3 COVID-19-iPSC-INCAXL-001#1 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Donor ID:INCAXL-001
4 COVID-19-iPSC-INCAXL-001#2
5 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 02#1 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Donor ID:RGMC 02
6 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 02#3
7 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 01#2 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Donor ID:RGMC 01
8 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 01#3
9 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 01#4
10 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 03#1 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Donor ID:RGMC 03
11 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 03#2
12 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 03#4
13 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 04#3 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Donor ID:RGMC 04
14 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 04#9
15 COVID-19-iPSC-RGMC 04#13

Donor information

ID Nationality Age Sex Grade
INCKBN-002 Japanese 40's F Mild
INCAXL-001 Japanese 40's F Moderate
RGMC02 Japanese 70's F Severe
RGMC01 Non-Japanese 20's M Asymptomatic
RGMC03 Non-Japanese 40's M Mild
RGMC04 Non-Japanese 40's M Severe

For further information about the donors, please click here.

*Please contact us for the password.

Provision of iPS cells

Cell provision is free of charge to both academia and companies. The number of vials provided is limited to one vial clone.

Please note that the available materials are currently limited. If you wish to use the materials in a joint research project, only one representative institution will be provided the materials. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

(preparation and submission of required documents)

  • Please download the following documents from our website, fill in the required information, and return as a PDF file in your email notifying us of your application.

    Required documents for application.

    Documents to be prepared by the time the cells are shipped.

    Please check the contents in advance. The contents cannot be modified. The MTA must be signed before the cells are shipped. We will contact you beforehand.

iPS Cell Shipping

  • 【Domestic Shipping】

    ・The iPS cells will be stored in a dry shipper and sent by courier.

    ・Shipping expenses:
    Free of charge for academic and other non-profit institutions.
    The actual cost will be borne by for-profit institutions.

    ・The shipping day is every Tuesday.
    If you use CiRA_F's dry shipper, please return it immediately after receiving the iPS cells. We will send you the return address with the cells.

    【International Shipping】

    Receiving Organization, whether profit or non-profit, is required to arrange for a shipping and transportation from CiRA Foundation to its research location by its cost.
    CiRA Foundation will not responsible for any of loss and damages of iPSC stock during the shipment or the transportation.

Cell Receiving / Return Receipt

  • Once you have received the iPS cells, please fill out the receipt form which is at the bottom page of the application form and return as a PDF.

Contact / Where to submit documents

  • Email : minnano-saibou* Please change * to @

Confirmation items

① About safety

・Infectious disease test All iPS cells have been tested for infectious diseases and confirmed to be negative. Please refer to the cell data sheet for details.

・Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 and Sendai virus in iPS cells CiRA_F uses Sendai virus vectors to establish iPS cells. The cells we distribute have been confirmed negative for residual viral vectors.

We have also confirmed negative PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2.
(Please check the necessary procedures at your institution.)

・Other basic information When handling cultured cells, please be fully aware of the potential hazards of the samples and take sufficient safety measures such as using a safety cabinet, laboratory gloves, laboratory glasses, masks, etc.

② Ethics review

・Approval by Ethics Committee These iPS cells were created with the generous help of volunteers.

Therefore, it is necessary to comply with various domestic guidelines on research ethics.

Please make sure that the research is reviewed and approved by the ethics committee of your institution before conducting it.

If you need an explanatory document consent form as a review document, please download it from the following link.

pdf 【For download】Informed Consent Form

If you need other materials, please contact us for further information.

Please submit a copy of the Ethics Committee's approval letter to us at the time of your application.

・Information Disclosure In order to notify volunteers that you have received these iPS cells, we will publish the names of the receiving institution, the name of the principal investigator, and a summary of the research on CiRA or CiRA_F's website.

We thank you for your understanding.

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