How we use your support

Request for Support: Translating to practical use

The CiRA Foundation was founded in 2020 to operate the iPS Cell Stock Project and advance related regenerative medicine. The CiRA Foundation succeeds the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University in this role, which includes the manufacturing and storage of high quality iPS cells for distribution to research centers and companies developing clinical applications. Currently, the CiRA Foundation is primarily funded by the iPS Cell Research Fund.

Your support therefore aids in recruiting and retaining talented staff who will help achieve its goals. To further the application and commercialization of iPS cells for regenerative medicine, the CiRA Foundation maintains a strong relationship with CiRA. We appreciate your support.

Shinya Yamanaka

Representative Director
CiRA Foundation
CiRA is still seeking support for the iPS Cell Research Fund. Please see here for donations to the fund.

Significance of your support

CiRA Foundation is soliciting donations for the operations as a public interest incorporated foundation.

  • The major issue for practical application is the "translational function to industry." The functions will be realized in a stable organizational structure.
  • The innovative medicines are expensive, however it will be possible to continue manufacturing and providing iPS cells at a reasonable price.
  • The new medical treatment will be deliver as soon as possible to patients suffering from diseases and injuries that can not be cured now.

Please note that the following donations cannot be accepted.

  • Donations that require the property acquired through donations, etc. to be transferred to donors without charge.
  • Donations that require the transfer or use of intellectual property rights obtained as a result of academic research, etc. with donations.
  • Donations that are conditioned on the use of donations, etc. by the donor for accounting audit.
  • The donor cannot cancel all or part of the donation, etc. after the donation application.
  • Donations subject to the provision of some benefit or convenience as consideration for donations, etc.
  • Donations that may interfere with the operation of the CiRA Foundation if the Foundation receives a donation, and the donations deemed unacceptable by social wisdom

CiRA Foundation, Philanthropy Office
Fumitaka Watanabe, Aiko Tokunaga