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How to donate

Donors from outside Japan will be asked to submit a donation application form in advance. We will then contact you with a bank account number for the bank transfer. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us below.


Please note that the following donations cannot be accepted. Please check the CiRA Foundation Regulations on Donations for details.

  • Donations, etc. which require property acquired together with them to be transferred to the Donor without charge
  • Donations, etc. which require intellectual property rights obtained as a result of academic research etc. conducted with them to be assigned or licensed to the Donor
  • Donations, etc. which require their use to be audited by the Donor
  • Donations, etc. which the Donor can cancel in whole or in part at his/her own discretion after offering them
  • Donations, etc. which require a benefit or convenience to be granted in exchange for them
  • Donations, etc. the acceptance of which might interfere with the Foundation's operation or is considered to be inappropriate according to socially accepted ideas

CiRA Foundation, Philanthropy Office
E-mail: donation* (Please change * to @)


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