CiRA Foundation Philosophy

Provide the best iPS cell technology
affordable price
  • In order to deliver medical care using iPS cells to patients as quickly as possible, we act as a go-between to bring technologies such as cell manufacturing and quality assessment to the industrial world.
  • Our approach to ever-evolving technology is to strive every day for continuous improvement.
  • By integrating and sharing various research and development information, we make positive contributions to clinical applications, improved quality and safety, and cost reduction.
  • We continue to drive our public service through our high level of adherence to ethical standards.


Design: Graphic Designer Akio OKUMURA

Design Concept

Based on the four colors - blue, green, red, and black - used in the logo for the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University, the lower line expresses the goal to widen and bridge iPS cell research to other research fields and organizations, which is the foundation's philosophy. The design concept intends to illustrate how cell manufacturing and quality evaluation connect basic iPS cell research to the industrial world for medical treatment.