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Walking with patients
to lead society

We understand that to be a leader in medical technology,
we must be always developing our technology.
But our most important motivation is the patient.

Thus, to us, development is not simply pushing technology forward,
it is standing with patients and understanding their needs.
This is our mission.



Top iPS cell technologies
at affordable prices

To bring iPS cells to the clinic as quickly as possible,
we will bring technologies for cell manufacturing
and quality control to industry.

As technology develops, so will we.

By collecting and sharing information on research and development,
we will raise the quality, lower the cost and ultimately
advance clinical applications.



People are
our driving force

Why do we do this work? Because of people.
These people include, of course, patients, but their families too.
They also include our partners who hold our passion and ideals.

If it were only us, it would be easy to give up.
But because people are our driving force,
we devote ourselves to raising the quality of iPS cells
at affordable prices and acting as a bridge to industry.



To advance,
to appreciate,
to share

We believe the goals of our employees
and our partners are the same: to provide high quality iPS cells at affordable prices.

Because we share the same purpose,
we recognize the importance of advancing each other's skills,
appreciating each other's roles,
and sharing each other's accomplishments.

With priority to the patients, we will take on our challenges.

LogoDesign Concept

Based on the four colors - blue, green, red, and black - used in the logo for the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University, the lower line expresses the goal to widen and bridge iPS cell research to other research fields and organizations, which is the foundation's philosophy. The design concept intends to illustrate how cell manufacturing and quality evaluation connect basic iPS cell research to the industrial world for medical treatment.

Design: Graphic Designer Akio OKUMURA

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