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HLA-homozygous iPS cells

About HLA-homozygous iPS cells

These iPS cells have been generated from the blood of healthy donors who are homozygous in their expression of the protein HLA-A, HLA-B, or HLA-DR


iPS cells are being made to express the most frequent HLA in Japan. Currently, a total of 27 iPS cell lines made from 7 donors who together are homozygous for 4 HLA types have been prepared. These lines cover approximately 40% of the Japanese population. The different lines give versatility in HLA typing and differentiation capacity for different diseases. Some of these cell lines have already been used in iPS cell-based clinical cell therapies.

Cells from HLA-homozygous donors can be used for cell therapies in patients who have at least one of the same HLA. In the illustration, the donor cells can be used in 4 of the 7 patients.


Currently, the HLA-homozygous iPS cells cover only 40% of the Japanese population. Thus, the cells cannot be used in the other 60% due to the high risk of an immune reaction.


HLA (human leukocyte antigen):HLA are proteins expressed on the cell surface that allow the immune system to distinguish self and foreign cells. There are three classes, with class I (HLA-A, -B, and -C) being considered the most important when donor-patient matching. The number of HLA combinations is in the tens of thousands.

Prices (excluding tax)

Service Cost
Provision of iPS Cell Stock Research-grade cells: 50,000 yen/vial
Clinical-grade cells: 100,000 yen/vial
Stock source
Public iPS cell bank
100,000 yen/vial
(ICH-Q5A tested)

✓It is provided free of charge to non-profit organizations.

✓Approval from the iPS Cell Stock Committee is required before cells can be provided.

✓International Shipping: Receiving Organization, whether profit or non-profit, is required to arrange for a shipping and transportation from CiRA Foundation to its research location by its cost. CiRA Foundation will not responsible for any of loss and damages of iPSC stock during the shipment or the transportation.

HLA-homozygous iPS Cell Stock list

From peripheral blood

Donor ID For clinical use For research use
1 QHJI (4)QHJI 01s01 (3)Ff-I 01s01
(24)QHJI 01s04 (20)Ff-I 01s04
(25)QHJI 14s03 (22)Ff-I 14s03
(26)QHJI 14s04 (23)Ff-I 14s04
2 RWMH (49)RWMH 09s01 (43)Ff-MH 09s01
(51)RWMH 15s01 (45)Ff-MH 15s01
(52)RWMH 15s02 (46)Ff-MH 15s02
(53)RWMH 23s01 (47)Ff-MH 23s01
3 DRXT (87)DRXT 18s02 (82)Ff-XT 18s02
(88)DRXT 18s03 (83)Ff-XT 18s03
(89)DRXT 28s04 (84)Ff-XT 28s04
(90)DRXT 28s05 (85)Ff-XT 28s05
(91)DRXT 28s17 (86)Ff-XT 28s17
4 RJWI (101)RJWI s03 (47)Ff-WI s03

Genomic mutations in BCOR and BRD3 genes were detected in this clone.

From cord blood

Donor ID For clinical use For research use
1 YZWJ (69)YZWJ s513 (62)Ff-WJ s513
(70)YZWJ s516 (63)Ff-WJ s516
(71)YZWJ s524 (65)Ff-WJ s524
(72)YZWJ s527 (66)Ff-WJ s527
(73)YZWJ s531 (68)Ff-WJ s531
1 ILCL (78)ILCL s14 (74)Ff-CL s14
(79)ILCL s21 (75)Ff-CL s21
(80)ILCL s23 (76)Ff-CL s23
(81)ILCL s31 (77)Ff-CL s31
2 GLKV (96)GLKV s09 (92)Ff-KV s09
(97)GLKV s13 (93)Ff-KV s13
(98)GLKV s16 (94)Ff-KV s16
(99)GLKV s31 (95)Ff-KV s31

HLA frequency ranking

A B DRB1 ABR frequency
1 *24:02 *52:01 *15:02 *24:02-
2 *33:03 *44:03 *13:02 *33:03-
3 *24:02 *07:02 *01:01 *24:02-
4 *24:02 *54:01 *04:05 *24:02-


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