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SeV-iPS cells

What is SeV-iPS cell stock?

This is a clinical grade iPS cell line made using Sendai Virus (SeV) vectors※1. We have been using episomal vectors※2 for the establishment of clinical iPS cells. Some of our partners have requested for SeV-iPS cell lines, and we have begun to provide them, believing that by responding to their requests, we will be able to expand our selection of iPS cell lines for clinical use. The SeV-iPS cells are satisfying Japan, European and North American regulations for clinical use, made from peripheral blood of an American donor that has been collected and tested in authorized medical and research institutions in the U.S.,

SeV-iPS Cell Stock list

Donor ID For clinical use

Prices (excluding tax)

SeV-iPS Cells For profit Non-profit institution
Clinical-grade cells 100,000 yen/vial free

✓It is provided free of charge to non-profit organizations.

✓Approval from the iPS Cell Stock Committee is required before cells can be provided.

✓Even when you apply for research purpose (non-clinical), a clinical-grade cell line is provided.Under the research condition, do not use in humans.

✓International Shipping: Receiving Organization, whether profit or non-profit, is required to arrange for a shipping and transportation from CiRA Foundation to its research location by its cost. CiRA Foundation will not responsible for any of loss and damages of iPSC stock during the shipment or the transportation.


Sendai virus (SeV) vector

A "vector" in genetics is a biomaterial, usually virus or plasmid (circular DNA), that transduces genes into cells. Some vectors, however, integrate into the cell's genome, risking cytotoxicity and genetic disorders. SeV vectors do not have this concern.

Episomal vector

An episomal vector is a plasmid vector used to introduce genetic material into a cell. As a non-viral vector, it does not integrate into the cell's genome.