Support and Membership Bequests and donations
from inheritance


Bequests to CiRA Foundation

We accepts bequests in wills. At this time, in principle, we accept bequests from residents of Japan. If you would like to know more about donating through a will or inheritance, please download the document below (Japanese only).

We recommend that you consult with a specialist (lawyer, judicial scrivener, administrative scrivener, tax accountant, financial institution, etc.) regarding the contents of your bequest and the preparation of your will.
In order to ensure the fulfillment of your wishes, we ask that you designate an "executor" for your will.
(Due to our organizational structure, we are unable to serve as an executor.)

Donation from inheritance

You can donate to us from a part of your inheritance. Please apply from the form below as same as a regular one-time donation.

Please note that tax benefits are available that exempt property donated to us before the deadline for filing inheritance tax returns from inheritance taxation.
We will issue a receipt as proof of your donation, which is required for filing inheritance tax returns. Please consult with a tax accountant or other professional regarding the tax treatment of your donation. If you choose to have a receipt sent to you at the time of your donation, we will send you a receipt approximately two weeks after confirming receipt of your payment.


If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact us below.
CiRA Foundation, Philanthropy Office
E-mail: donation* (Please change * to @)