First shipment of the iPS cell stock to an overseas partner


The CiRA Foundation prepared its first international shipment of the iPS cell stock on Wednesday, May 26.
The shipment was sent to CHA University, Korea.
Please see this press release for more information.

cell shipping1
For transportation, the iPS cells are placed into a dry shipper, which is put into a blue transport container.

The first step in the preparation of the shipment is to check that the labels on the cryotubes, which contain frozen iPS cells, match the ones requested by the partner and that the tubes are not damaged.
cell shipping2-2

cell shipping2
The cryotubes are put into liquid nitrogen to keep the cells frozen and kept in a cryopod at the Foundation.

cell shipping3
The dry shipper is put into a blue transport container. Inside are iPS cells and liquid nitrogen.

The cryotubes are first placed into a cryocane and then inserted into the dry shipper.

The dry shipper is sealed, the transport container is closed, and the cells are ready for distribution.
cell shipping5

The cells and the proper paperwork are then passed to a courier.
cell shipping6

On 31 May, our iPS stock arrived at CHA University safely.
We aim to expand our cooperation with international institutions in the future.
cell arrived

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