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Stocking iPS cells for regenerative medicine to save time and cost.

HLA-homozygous iPS cells

iPS cells generated from donors with HLA homozygous in their expression for HLA-A, HLA-B, or HLA-DR

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HLA-genome-edited iPS cells

Plans to manufacture and provide HLA-A, -B, and -CIITA knockout iPS cells by genome editing the iPS cell stock produced from HLA-homozygous donors.

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Developing technologies to manufacture iPS cells generated from patients' own cells at reasonable cost. This approach has less risk of immune rejection.

my iPS


Provision of iPS cells made from COVID-19
convalescent patients

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SOP for Purchases

SOP for Purchases

We can provide the actual procedures used by FiT.

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To push forward the medical application of iPS cells (my iPS, regenerative medicine, drug discovery, etc.), we seek partners for research collaborations.